Hospice Patients’ Pets

We treat our pets as members of our family. Hospice patients that are towards the end of their life are often concerned by who will take care of their animals once they become too ill to take care of them.

People bond and gravitate towards pets the same way they do with people. Pets provide comfort and companionship to their owners just like close friends or relatives do.

Some hospice patients can rely on friends or close relatives to take care of their pets, but some don’t have anyone that can take on that responsibility.

For terminally ill people, pets are the lifeline of support which can provide comfort and alleviate loneliness, which often comes with hospice care. Pets can be a source of companionship, love, comfort and hope to get up every day.

Many hospice facilities and their volunteer offer to assist in caring for the patient’s cats and dogs. Various programs such as Pet Peace of Mind offer pet care service because it has become clear that the relationship between a terminally ill patient and his/her pets is crucial. This program focuses on helping both the hospice patient and family members to take care of their furry little friends, when they are not able to.

Volunteers at pet care help programs ease the burden by providing

  • Pet food
  • Litter
  • Routine veterinary care
  • Daily walking
  • Grooming
  • Preventative medication
  • Temporary boarding in case of an emergency

Volunteers in these programs help thousands of people with pet care needs and preserve the bond between the pet and hospice patient through the end-of-life journey.

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