Gifts for dementia patients

Choosing the perfect gift is not always an easy task. Especially if you’re looking for a gift for someone who has dementia. You need to pick something that will be useful and that they will enjoy, not something that will end up in a draw or closet and never seen again.

When shopping for a gift, you can choose from the following suggestions:

Night light

People with dementia often have trouble with sleep and can have unusual behavior during the night. Some patients get out of bed, get dressed and wander around the house. When they wake up during the night they experience an episode of night-time disorientation (which is quite common), can trip and fall.

Night lights are an ideal solution for this issue as they illuminate the floor of the room or hallway just enough for them to see where they are going and can easily find the way to the bathroom for example. You can choose between plug-in night light or even automatic which has a motion sensor and it will turn itself on.

Weighted blankets

Patients with dementia often experience episodes of stress, anxiety and confusion. They are having a hard time remembering who and where they are. These episodes are especially common during the evening.

When we are stressed or experience anxiety, a hug from another person can make us feel better and more relaxed. This effect is based on deep pressure stimulation which can lessen anxiety and improve your mood. The same approach is being used through weighted blankets. The blanket wraps around the body, the minor increase of pressure reduces the heart rate and anxiety.

Stuffed animals

About 50% of elderly in the US own a pet and they form extremely tight bonds with them. They consider their cats or dogs as part of the family and they are a source of support and companionship. But once a patient’s dementia progresses, they can no longer take care of their pets. So as an alternative, you can get them a stuffed animal, a familiar “pet” like kitten or puppy.

Arcadia Books

Dementia patients often forget most recent events or the names of their family members. But they remember memories from their early childhood. Arcadia Books publishes hometown history books full of photos and local colour that make a great gift for someone with dementia. You can research it here

Hopefully this list of gift suggestions will make it a bit easier to shop for a gift this upcoming holiday season. And remember, spending time with your love one is probably the best gift they can even get, so make sure that you and other family members put aside some time to spend together.

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