SPG Serving Veterans in Hospice

SPG Hospice has a strong commitment to honoring our veteran patients in all branches of service for the sacrifices they made to preserve the freedoms we all cherish.

We strive to meet their unique needs, including:

  • PTSD (which may not surface until this point in life)
  • Anxiety
  • Traumatic grief
  • Depression
  • Survival guilt
  • Troubling memories resurface
  • Reluctance to seek help for pain or reject hospice care because
  • they feel the need to be stoic and “fight on”
  • Anger due to pain or injury or illness caused by war

Many veterans suffer chronic pain, presumptive disease, and traumatic injuries related to their service. Veterans are identified at time of admission. Factors such as in which branch of service, war, rank achieved, and whether or not they saw combat, are information hospice care teams are keen on gaining as they can affect aspects of the patient’s care. Clinical team members can develop an individualized plan of care to meet the veteran’s specific needs and wishes. Knowing any adverse conditions the veteran may have faced during their time in service (combat, capture, imprisonment, torture, etc.) makes them mindful as to how to best use medications and makes them aware of touch issues the patient may have due to things they experienced during their service.

Since many veterans never received the recognition for their service that they deserved, especially Viet Nam War veterans, we seek to honor and respect them through veteran pinning ceremonies. These ceremonies acknowledge and show appreciation for having served our country. They mean a great deal to veterans and their family members. Our veterans answered the call to duty when we needed them. They deserve the best care, comfort and support we can provide them and their families when it matters most.

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