SPG Hospice Honor Project

  • The SPG Hospice Honor Project is a courtesy offered to our patients and their families.
  • A patient’s loved ones can receive a keepsake with the patient’s thumbprint permanently etched into it.
  • While family members are often unable to be present with their relative, the Honor Project provides a true
  • There are 3 designs to choose from: Christmas ornament, trinket box or pendant.
  • A holiday ornament can be taken out and displayed during the holidays which can be a difficult time for family and friends. It provides a reminder and an opportunity during this special time of year to share memories and stories that honor their loved one.
  • A trinket box is a reminder that can be placed in a special place like a desk or display shelf or table.  It can be used to hold daily items or a unique item of remembrance.
  • A pendant is small enough to carry with you if you so choose or suspended on a chain or ribbon on a wall or window as a prominent memento of your loved one.
  • For those who choose to participate in this project, the SPG Hospice chaplain will obtain a thumbprint and facilitate fulfilling the order for the family.
  • SPG Hospice is pleased to offer this opportunity to memorialize a loved one in a tangible and permanent way.

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