brain games can improve your memory

Brain games and improving our memory

Having a few moments of forgetfulness is possible as we get older. These occasional moments of memory lapse can motivate us to find tools that

Knowing when it's time for hospice

Knowing when it’s time for hospice

Making a decision about end-of-life care or hospice care is a difficult process. This decision not only impacts the terminally ill, but their family and

Hospice Volunteers

Hospice Volunteers

Behind every hospice volunteer, there is a genuine desire to provide comfort, peace and care to patients and all those around them (caregivers and family

Hospice Care at home

Hospice Care at home

You might have thought that hospice care refers to a place. However, hospice isn’t a place, but rather an approach on providing comfort to terminally

coping with grief

Coping with Grief

We all experience grief with the loss of someone we love. There are no textbook right or wrong answers on how to deal with grief

Spiritual Care for Hospice Patients

Spiritual Care for Hospice Patients It is very common in the U.S. that hospice patients rely on religion or spirituality to help them deal with

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