The Heart for Hospice

SPG Hospice has medical professionals who are experienced and knowledgeable and have found their hearts bound to serving and honoring patients and their families on their journey of terminal illness and impending end of life. SPG Hospice provides care through a multi-disciplary team approach. The team surrounds the patient who is the heart of the care and supports the family as they would their own. SPG Hospice honors each individual with a response to their wishes for care and needs as desired.

Medical Director

Is an experienced physician experienced in geriatric care and symptom management. With sound medical knowledge and heartfelt empathy, the Medical Director directs the interdisciplinary team in developing individualized Plans of Care to alleviate or minimize pain and intractable symptoms. The Medical Director also provides on site assessments as deemed necessary and follows the guidelines set forth for hospice care.

RN Case Manager

Provides in person visits to assess and determine the individual needs of the patient and family related to the symptoms presented. The RN honors each patient with care planned to meet specific and goal centered interventions. The RN recognizes the heart of care is the patient and the relief of symptoms of discomfort. Th RN uses teaching models to aid families in providing care for the journey of the terminal illness of the loved one.


Serves a supportive nursing role to provide in person visits and emergency visits that assist to alleviate uncontrolled pain and symptoms. The Licensed Practical Nurse uses knowledge of each patient’s individual Plan of Care to conduct assessments and receive physician orders to provide relief. The LPN works in conjunction with the RN to serve and honor patients and their families.


Provides in-home visits to provide individualized care to patients with aid in activities of daily living which include bathing and grooming as well light housekeeping. The CNA conducts care which honors and reflects the wishes of the patient and family. Through companionship the patient receives care from the heart of the CNA.


Is a social worker with expertise in gerontology and direct patient care at home. The MSW emphasis of service supports Advance Directives preparation, and financial, legal or insurance concerns. The MSW focuses on individualized care planning involving the psychosocial health and well-being of the patient and family. The MSW uses community resources to serve and honor the patient in the needs for end of life planning.

Chaplain / Spiritual Counselor

Serves the patient with the spiritual and emotional concerns that give honor to each individuals needs and wishes. The Chaplain offers opportunities to celebrate a patient’s faith and family’s spiritual customs. The Chaplain interfaces with the community of choice and serves to enhance experiences that may not be previously provided at home.

Bereavement Counselor

Serves to help patient’s explore feelings and concerns related to loss, grief and anticipatory grief. The Bereavement Counselor honors patients and their families with support during difficult times. Grief education and counseling are provided during the hospice journey and stresses to meet needs afterward.

Ancillary Therapies

Are health care practitioners that support and serve individual patient needs as assessed and determined in the individual plan of care. The Ancillary Therapies may include physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy. Based upon the needs of the patient and family, dietary services and education may be helpful. Music, Pet and Aroma therapies are disciplines that honor the patient with comfort and symptom diversion.


Not only fill the gap between loved ones and professional caregivers, they will be there even when friends and family find it hard to do so. Hospice volunteers are an invaluable part of the hospice team who provide friendship and love to our patient when they need it the most. Our volunteers spend time reading, listening to stories of long ago; running errands; and other various life lifting activities. These small acts of kindness mean so much to our patients, families and caregivers.

All Volunteers are background checked, oriented and matched with a patient with whom they may share common interests.
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