An In-Depth Look On How Scottsdale Physicians Group Telehealth Services Work

Once you contact us, we schedule one of the in-person technicians who are located in your area to come to your location. Your technician will arrive with our unique Transportable Exam Station (TES), which is a special system that has the same instruments and diagnostic tools that you would find in a traditional medical office—but it’s mobile.

Using the TES, the medical technician can relay real-time information to the medical provider, who is on video conference with you. These services can range from taking your blood pressure to administering an EKG, utilizing a digital stethoscope so that the doctor can listen to your heart or lungs through their headset, or even a camera for an ear, nose and up-close eye exam. We also have the ability to order mobile labs and x-rays if needed.

For regular appointments, we encourage you to see the same medical provider each time just as you would in a traditional medical practice, creating a medical provider-patient relationship of trust and ongoing medical care so they can follow your case and health.

At the conclusion of your appointment, your medical provider will connect you to other specialists or services as needed—again, under Scottsdale Physicians Group and United Telehealth Corp. so that you never need to travel anywhere.

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