Levels of Hospice Care

Routine Home Care (RHC)

Is the most commonly utilized level of hospice care. RHC is provided in the home with an individualized plan of care, which includes visits by the clinical care team.

Respite Care

Is provided on an occasional basis and is designed with a planned short term break for family and caregivers. Respite involves placement in a Medicare certified facility and is part of the hospice benefit. RHC resumes when the patient returns home.

General Inpatient Care (GIP)

General inpatient care is provided in a medicare certified facility with 24 hour nursing care. Patients with uncontrolled symptoms or severe pain may require short term intensive care for relief. They then return home to RHC when symptoms are manageable.

Continuous Home Care (CHC)

Continuous Home Care is provided on a short-term intervention basis in the patients home setting. CHC places a nursing staff member with a patient who may be experiencing a medical crisis such as unrelieved symptoms or unmanageable pain. Once issues are controlled the patient resumes RHC.
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