Post Acute Care Program

Often, a patient may no longer need the acute care setting of a hospital,butis not ready to be discharged to their home. Instead, they are discharged to a post-acute care facility for further care, such as rehabilitation or skilled nursing.

Those discharge planning transitions from the hospital to post-acute care facilities can be challenging, from identifying the correct facility placement to coordinating the appropriate transfer of care. SPG maintains an extensive network of skilled facilities throughout the community in order to effectively manage the process, making it safer, smoother and more effective.

The goal is to provide a continuation of care in order to achieve optimal outcomes, with the facilities providing continuing care until a patient is well enough to transition to a home setting.

SPG’s successful post-acute program has reportable, proven results that increases the continuity of care between providers, facilities, health plans, patients, and families; thereby reducing the risk for readmission to the hospital.

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