Healthcare is changing, and as a company at the forefront of change, SPG is creating solutions that bring better healthcare to our communities.
SPG does this by continually envisioning innovative and efficient ways to bring the highest quality healthcare to our clients, while streamlining costs. Our expertise and methods have made us a top trusted name and resource, and our teams have become a requested part of our hospital and health system partners. We are dedicated to meeting patient goals, along with aligning to our community partners’ objectives. Our medical group offers many ways to meet the needs of hospitals, health systems and patients.


Now it’s possible to bring healthcare to the patient from anywhere to anywhere instead of bringing the patient to healthcare.

Often abbreviated as RPM (and sometimes known as remote patient management), remote patient monitoring is a method of healthcare delivery that uses the latest advances in information technology to gather patient data outside of traditional healthcare settings.

“Remote patient management is … about moving more healthcare out of the traditional setting, into the house and where people live, work and play every day,” explains Nima Ghadimi MD, CEO Scottsdale physician’s group. “And it’s about using technologies to build the bridge between the traditional physical setting of healthcare, and where people really want to live every day.”

This type of telemedicine has the potential to help manage chronic diseases, allow older and disabled individuals to live at home longer, avoid prematurely moving those individuals into skilled nursing facilities (SNFs), reduce hospitalizations, reduce readmissions, reduce length of stays in hospitals and so much more. Welcome to the power of remote patient monitoring, or RPM.

Remote patient monitoring is one type of telemedicine that has broad-reaching applications and impacts for many different types of healthcare specialties and facilities. Advocates for RPM monitoring programs cite its potential to help achieve the healthcare “triple aim”, through improving patient outcomes, improving access to care, and making healthcare systems more cost effective.


  • After hours coverage and emergency assessment made easier with telemedicine
  • 24/7 coverage for remote and underserved facilities
  • Telemedicine for group homes, assisted livings, and independent livings


SPG is focused on delivering the ultimate patient experience for HonorHealth patients. Its multidisciplinary rounding created an environment at HonorHealth Shea that encourages communication and fosters a strong relationship with the hospitalists, nurses and coordinators.


Not only does SPG manage every patient throughout their time at HonorHealth, but during post-discharge, as well. Our post-acute program has reportable, proven results that increase the continuity of care between providers, facilities, health plans, patients and families, which reduces the risk of hospital readmission.


SPG collaborates with home health partners to bring a new dimension to providing telemedicine to the patient in the comfort of their own home wherever that may be. Our program was designed to provide a continuity of care and prevent the readmission of patients to an acute-care setting. These services are limited to those who are high-risk, not engaged with a primary care physician, or patients in need of an intermittent primary care physician if they are temporarily out-of-state from their primary provider.


Our MTM includes the assessment and evaluation of the patient’s complete medical therapy regimen, consisting of a group of services to optimize the therapeutic outcome. This service includes therapy reviews, pharmacotherapy and non-pharmacotherapy consults, as well as other clinical services aimed at integrating pharmacist expertise with the goal of providing the best possible patient-centered quality care. Achieving the best possible treatment outcomes in MTM is estimated to prevent 1.5 million adverse events each year, resulting in $177 billion in injury and death errors—making MTM an essential service.


SPG’s physician-based model is built upon the collaboration of partnering facilities, specialists and other providers, patients and their families. Our on-staff transitional care specialists ensure open lines of communication that contributes heavily to reducing readmissions and costs while providing optimal care.

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