Telemedicine Helping During COVID-19

Beginning in 2019, Scottsdale Physicians Group and United Telehealth Corp, began delivering advanced telehealth services to patients across Arizona. Unlike traditional “FaceTime” like telemedicine software only applications, Scottsdale Physicians Group and United Telehealth Corpsends a highly trained medical technician to the patient regardless of where they are. Our technicians bring a portable exam station to each appointment. The Exam station is completely self-contained including digital vitals, stethoscope, handheld HD exam camera, HD Videoconferencing, a 12 lead EKG, on board power and internet connectivity. During the visit, the medical technician becomes the remote provider’s hands, providing a much more thorough exam and therefore treatment plan. Scottsdale Physicians Group and United Telehealth Corp also has the ability to bring in additional services including in-home radiology, lab testing, and medication delivery. The result is that patients get the high-level care they need without exposing themselves or others to the COVID-19.

Scottsdale Physicians Group and United Telehealth Corp continues to see record-breaking numbers of new patients during the COVID-19 crisis that are concerned they may be infected. Following CDC guidelines, the vast majority of our patients do not need to be tested. We have however we tested patients within guidelines and found a number of positive results. We are in constant contact with state and other authorities, health systems, and nationwide organizations that are providing guidelines, protocols, and other tools to navigate the current crisis. There has been no change in process or payment. We bill the insurance company directly.

While the medical teams at Scottsdale Physicians Group and United Telehealth Corp are focused on the fight against COVID-19, it is important to note that we continue to provide care for the overall health needs of our patients. A significant number of our new and existing patients have one or more chronic conditions and need our care more than ever. Despite the current pandemic, we are concerned that many Arizonans are not seeking care, and that their chronic conditions could be worsening. Due to social distancing guidelines, the fear of seeking help at healthcare facilities, or functional limitations, these patients need a higher level of in-home care than a traditional telemedicine session. COVID-19 or not, we are want to ensure that the most vulnerable of patients are getting the initial and ongoing care that they need. Our goal from the beginning has not changed – to deliver the right care at the right time wherever the patient is. If you need care we are here for you. Patients can schedule a visit by emailing us at or calling us at 480.268.2670.

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