“Scottsdale Physicians Group and United Telehealth Corp Telemedicine provides me with peace of mind unlike any healthcare I have received before. You do not know how reassuring it is to know that there is a dedicated team looking after you and your health so diligently. The constant access and checkups, without having to travel or wait in a waiting room for hours, is truly remarkable. Thank you for all you have done.”

– Colt T. (Patient)

“When we were being discharged, we thought to ourselves wouldn’t it be great if we had a provider who could manage my mom like they did in the hospital? We were referred to Scottsdale Physicians Group and United Telehealth Corp’s telemedicine services and from the very first contact we were thoroughly impressed. On our first visit, the doctor took the time to truly get to know my mom and her history. It was amazing to see vitals and images being transmitted and reviewed in real time, and to see the doctor assess the patient through this innovative technology. The doctor genuinely seemed to care about my mother’s health and made sure to ask the right questions for my mom while also answering any questions we had. The communication between the team and my mother made it feel like we were in an actual doctor’s office, but we never had to leave the comfort of my mother’s own home! Access to the office staff, providers, and technicians is remarkable and every experience with the Scottsdale Physicians Group and United Telehealth Corp team has been impeccable.”

– Jill L. (Daughter of Current Telemedicine Patient)

“Services are very efficient and timely. Every member of the Scottsdale Physicians Group and United Telehealth Corp team is easy to work with and communication is outstanding. The telemedicine technology is innovative and amazing, it is like having a primary care office in the comfort of your own home. The technician and doctor were very professional, thorough, and accommodating.”

– Joel C. (Patient)

“Scottsdale Physicians Group and United Telehealth Corp’s services are so convenient and accessible. Even though the doctor is not in the room, the technicians are, and the whole operation has an air of professionalism that I have not found with traditional physician office visits. With these telemedicine visits, I do not feel like I am just another patient, the doctor treats me with respect and compassion and, he makes me feel special, that my whole well-being is their top priority. Their services and staff are wonderful.”

– Michael V. (Patient)

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